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UnionPay Opens API To International Developers

UnionPay Opens API To International Developers

UnionPay International, a subsidiary of Chinese financial services company UnionPay, is giving developers all around the world access to 18 of its mobile internet payment products, the company announced on Monday (Jan. 14).

The service is an open platform called the UPI Developer. Through the application programming interface (API), developers can add UnionPay’s technical services into their own products and services.

UnionPay International CEO Cai Jianbo said his company is developing payment services for the future of the industry, and that the UPI Developer is meant to help partners’ demand for more innovation.

“With the development of innovative payment technology and commercial applications, UnionPay International is accelerating building up its innovative payment technology and service capacity, and promoting the digitalization of its card-based business, to support the development of mobile payment,” Jianbo said.

Some of the APIs on the UPI Developer include QR Code Acceptance, where users can connect using a UnionPay QR code, In-App Apple Pay, UnionPay Tax Refund, Secure Pay and Token Service, for the tokenization of a UnionPay card number.

UnionPay International has been releasing these products outside of China, in 43 countries and regions away from the mainland. It also has built service platforms like the UnionPay International Mobile Payment Service (UMPS) and TSP, to help its partners execute UnionPay mobile payment services as efficiently, safely and quickly as possible.

The company aims to continue to aid its partners with this sort of efficiency and flexibility by building on the UPI Developer. UnionPay International plans to eventually launch a technical partner program, where developers can access UnionPay’s technical services through the UPI Developer via an online application, enabling them to join the company’s cross-border payment area. The program, the company said, aims to expand UnionPay International’s reach with different kinds of institutions and also to promote more localized payment transactions.


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