Square Launches in Spain

Spanish entrepreneurs now have access to Square, the FinTech which provides payment solutions for consumers and businesses, the company announced Tuesday (Jan. 25).

Alyssa Henry, head of Square, said Spanish businesses can use its integrated ecosystem of products and services including software, hardware and payment solutions to help them launch, operate or grow their businesses.

The app allows consumers to send and receive money through its app free and merchants to process payments via smartphone. Last fall, Square’s Early Access Program, permitted Spanish businesses to test Square’s integrated omnichannel solutions.

“We’ve been trialing Square’s suite of products in-store and online and we love it,” said Miguel Gil, owner of Hop Hop Hurrah, in a statement. “Having a point-of-sale system with integrated payments and omnichannel solutions has transformed the way we’re able to run our business, making it an easy and seamless process.”

Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, Square is a division of Block Inc., a global technology company focused on financial services. Square said it is focused on assisting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in a country where SMBs account for 99% of merchants.

Square is available in nine countries. Spain is the fourth European country and the first launched in 2022, after launching in Ireland and France last year and the United Kingdom in 2017.

Secretary of State for Trade Xiana Méndez said for the economy to recovery, SMBs and the FinTech industry must collaborate.

“The technology provided by these technological financial firms guarantees them innovative solutions in terms of payment management that can be decisive in supporting their growth,” he said in a statement.

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