Point of Sale

Verifone Introduces Remote Payments

In an effort to enable merchants to accept payments from nearly anywhere in their stores, Verifone launched its e280 mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) solution, the company announced in a press release.

Using the technology, merchants can enable experiences like self-checkout kiosks and fill consumer demand for a more mobile payment experience. “The ultra-modern e280 mPOS will be the perfect solution merchants can use to provide great service while securely accepting all payment types wherever customers are in the store,” Verifone EVP and Global Head of Solutions Glen Robson said in the announcement.

In support of a mobile checkout experience, Verifone cited a TimeTrade survey that found consumers won’t wait more than 10 minutes to pay for items in stores. But, according to an IHL Group report, merchants that use mobile devices to perform tasks and help customers from anywhere in the store are experiencing higher annual sales increases.

As a mobile checkout payment system, e280 is targeted to both tier one retailers and smaller micro-merchants. Accessories can enable support options such as in-aisle checkout, on-the-go delivery and trade services — in addition to unassisted kiosks in retail or quick-service restaurants.

The e280 platform also offers a battery to process transactions that can last more than 10 hours without needing to recharge. It also sports Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi capability to enable beacons.

Verifone’s announcement comes after news last November that it would implement Mastercard’s M/Chip Fast technology across the company’s next-generation and heritage payment products. The company said the technology would enable North American merchants to provide their customers with speed at the point of sale (POS), similar to paying with a magnetic stripe card — but with EMV security.

Before launching the Mastercard technology, Verifone released the Verifone V240m, a mobile point-of-sale system that is geared toward line-busting, curbside service and pay-at-the-table environments.



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