Virgin’s ‘First-Class’ Footwear

Ever looked at your shoes and thought that, while they were almost right, they could really use some Wi-Fi and maybe a screen or two?

Good news — Richard Branson apparently had the exact same thought when he looked at his feet and realized his sneakers could more closely resemble the first-class section of a Virgin airplane.

And thus, we have the market debut of the Virgin America First Class Shoe.

The sneakers are the creation of brand agency Eleven Inc. and come more decked out than something that holds a human foot really should. Included are a Wi-Fi hotspot, a built-in phone charging port, a tiny, working video display, three-hour battery life and a seatbelt buckle for that in-flight feel. And while that all might sound insane — bordering on being a parody of the Nike Mag self-lacing shoes — note that at least these ridiculous creations will be auctioned off for a charitable purpose.

The auction will benefit Soles4Souls, a nonprofit organization that works to give shoes and clothing to impoverished communities. There is only one pair of these shoes in existence, and the current bid is just under $5,000.

Is a shoe with a screen inherently classy? Probably not. But helping people who need regular shoes out? That most certainly is.



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