Dunkin’ Brands Selects Amazon As Main Cloud Provider

As companies grow and as technology advances, using an on-premise solution for all of an organization’s technical needs may reach a point where it’s no longer economically sound to do so and inhibits its ability to scale.

Parent company of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, Dunkin’ Brands, recently made the announcement for its plans to move its mobile applications, eCommerce websites and key corporate infrastructure applications from its on-premise system to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform.

Through this migration, the Dunkin’ Brands is hoping to increase scalability, reliability, availability, security, reduce costs as well as improve customers experiences across both brands in the digital sphere. While the company has several customer-facing applications, it was finding it difficult to service all of its customers at the highest-quality level, especially during peak usage times. After an initial test run of testing various workloads and websites, the Dunkin’ Brands also moved its internal corporate IT infrastructure applications.

Dunkin’ Brands’ VP of infrastructure, data security and privacy, Santhosh Kumar, commented on this move and how its will help manage the brand’s digital offerings. He said, “Our mobile applications and digital properties are an absolutely critical way through which we reach our customers, and they must be secure, available and high-performing at all times. We selected AWS as our cloud infrastructure provider for these key business applications due to the depth and breadth of the AWS services and their experience in securely managing enterprise applications.”