Starbucks Contemplates “Mobile Only” Stores

Starbucks is ramping up its mobile ambitions — the nation’s premier coffee chain has announced that it will open a dedicated mobile order and pay store next week in its Seattle headquarters building.

The new store model is a test run for how to best serve customer needs — and a new variation on busting up lines and breaking bottlenecks at the drink delivery station.

Starbucks HQ has two separate locations that serve the 5K or so employes at HQ; one of the locations is only for employees, and it is one on the chain’s top three stores for mobile ordering.

Mobile orders from anywhere within the organization will be sent to the new mobile-only store,  which will have a large window where customers can pick up drinks and see them being made.

Starbucks also will be swapping an existing cafe in the building into the first of its new, premium Reserve stores. That store will be open to the public — as will the second Reserve store, slated to open in Chicago.

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