Tesco Launches One-Hour Grocery Delivery in London

Amazon is pushing full throttle into the grocery industry, but it’s not without competitors on its heels.

Central London is the next place to have its food shopping receive a boost. The U.K. grocery chain Tesco has announced the launch of its one-hour delivery service to the area. In partnership with commerce and delivery startup Quiqup, Tesco will start offering both a one-hour and a two-hour option via its Tesco Now app on both Android and iOS.

Customers will be limited to 20 items or less for delivery by moped. Quiqup’s app provides delivery cost estimates, the Tesco Now app gives users live updates and order tracking.

Tim Linssen, Quiqup’s co-founder and head of product, commented on the changing retail landscape and the need for tech integrations. “As consumer expectations change, retailers of all sizes and across verticals will be expected to offer flexible, efficient and affordable delivery to their customers. Quiqup partners are able to do this quickly and easily by integrating our technology and infrastructure into their existing systems.”

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