Walmart Leads $40B Personal Care Market

Walmart Keeps Top Fortune 500 Spot

Whether it’s shampoo, face wash or deodorant, the personal care market is something we can all agree is a necessity. Typically, these aren’t items people shop ahead of time for and wait until the bottles are almost empty to make a run out to the store.

As one of the largest retailers, Walmart comes out on top in the $40 billion personal care market, with 19.4 percent share of purchases. In TABS Analytics’ first personal care study, it looked at the the entirety of the personal care market including product type, preferred store location, product quantity and frequency of purchases with more than 1,000 participants in the 18-75 age range.

TABS Analytics’ CEO and founder, Dr. Kurt Jetta, commented in a release on these findings. He said, “Walmart, traditional food stores and Target are the clear winners in the personal care market with almost 50 percent of all estimated purchases. Unlike what we see in beauty where online sales is a key driver, online sales in personal care products is relatively unimportant, coming in at just 3.1 percent of market share.”

Interestingly, the personal care market is one area where eCommerce isn’t having a major impact. This research found the online world is responsible for just a mere 3.1 percent ($1.2 billion) of the $40 billion personal care market. Of the $1.2 billion Commerce personal care market, the top three retailers ruling the roost are Amazon, Walmart and Target.