Snap Unveils Third Generation Of Spectacles

With new 3D effects included for Snapchat use, Snap has reportedly introduced its third generation of wearable sunglass cameras called Spectacles. Users can, for instance, capture 3D snaps that have an effect of side-to-side depth due to dual-angle cameras, according to reports.

The glasses have a lightweight design for all-day wearing and are made from one stainless steel sheet. They come in a “mineral” colorway as well as carbon black. And the units have a charging case for storage as well as powering up.

Spectacles 3 are said to be coming in autumn, and reports note a shipping date of November per the order flow for pre-orders. The new sunglasses come at a price of $380, marking a higher price than their $150 and $200 predecessors.

The new hardware has two cameras, with one at each of the outside top corners of the lenses to make for the 3D effects. They record at 60 fps and capture in HD. Audio comes in through an array of four microphones. There is also a capture button to trigger video or photo shooting on either side.

Beyond 3D snaps, the report noted that there are 3D filters that add AR graphics effects to videos that are captured along with 3D lenses that provide characters and stickers to their snaps. The report also noted that users can take advantage of 3D viewing.

In separate news, Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, is reportedly issuing $1 billion in convertible debt for working capital and future acquisitions. CEO Evan Spiegel outlined profitability goals for this year in a memo in 2018 and as of June 30, the company had more than $335 million in cash and equivalents and $849 million in marketable securities. Its stock is up 181 percent year to date. According to past reports, the debt offering will take the form of convertible senior notes set to mature in 2026.