SoftBank Drops $100M Into Cybereason Software

SoftBank is helping out Boston-based digital security firm Cybereason with a big $100 million investment.

“Too much of the cybersecurity industry focuses on building walls, but you can’t build a big enough wall to keep the bad guys out,” wrote Cybereason cofounder and CEO Lior Div in an email to VentureBeat. “Businesses need to concentrate on what happens once the adversaries are inside.”

Cybereason turns machine learning and behavioral analytics loose to process data and flag security issues in real time.

“Our engine asks over 8,000,000 questions per second in order to correlate data across every endpoint,” wrote Div.

According to the CEO, the cybersecurity firm has 200 customers. That includes some very well-known name like Lockheed Martin, SoftBank, and Motorola. Pricing is based on how much volume the clients sees — and how many endpoints need monitoring.

All in all, Cybereason has brought in $189 million in funding since 2012 from a diverse investor set that includes CRV, Spark Capital, and Lockheed. The new funds will go to hiring, product development and expanding into new markets.