BBB: Scammers Are Stealing Money Via Cash App

More scams are taking place in the pandemic era, and fraudsters are now using Cash App to swindle consumers, according to a report from WPRI 12, which cited the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

There are a few variations taking place through the popular payment tool, the report stated. One of them involves a person requesting payment through the app and, once it’s made, the sender is blocked immediately.

In another, fake customer support phone numbers are used to dupe customers looking for the real number to discuss issues, according to the report. With the scam numbers, users turn over their login information and are tricked into giving money.

WPRI 12 reported that one victim said they succumbed to scams in which fraudsters invited them to purchase bogus software via Cash App. In another scam, a user tried to buy concert tickets for $350 and then was instantly blocked.

In response to the numerous incidents, the BBB has laid out some guidelines for how to approach potential scams, the report stated. No Cash App employee will ask for a person’s sign-in code over the phone or social media, and they would never ask for payment or work with sensitive information like one’s full bank account number.

Also, any business requiring Cash App payments should be met with skepticism, the BBB said, according to the report, as it’s a “red flag” for a scam.

The BBB said people should double-check information before sending money, including verifying the recipient’s name, Cash App handle and other such details, the report stated. And, linking one’s money transfer app to a credit card could make it easier to protect one’s finances.

Scams and fraud have been high lately, with more than 200,000 Americans having lost a combined $145 million in scams linked to the pandemic, whether through scams taking advantage of the panic around the virus or preying on the confusing shift to digital, which left systems vulnerable while companies rushed to adapt.