Russia And US May Form Cybersecurity Team

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In the midst of tense Senate Intelligence Committee testimonials about Russia’s involvement with the U.S. election, there are talks circulating of the two countries working together to form a cybersecurity working group to combat the plethora of cybercrime and fraud cases stemming from online hackers.

In a Russia RIA news report this Thursday, Andrey Krutskikh, who serves as Putin’s advisor on cybersecurity, was quoted as saying, “The talks are underway … different proposals are being exchanged, nobody denies the necessity of holding the talks and of having such contacts.”

While Russian official Svetlana Lukash confirmed the Russian and U.S. President were in agreement to discuss cybersecurity questions through the United Nations or to form a cyber working group to take on cybercrime, both countries’ intelligence and security officials say there are no definite plans to participate in these talks.

Counterterrorism advisor to the U.S. President, Thomas Bossert, shared his thoughts on the matter with reporters after coming back from Europe last week: “A partnership suggests that you’ve reached a place where you believe that you have a trusted relationship and you’ve come to some common agreement on ideals and goals and behaviors. I don’t believe that the United States and Russia have come to that point yet in cyberspace. And until we do, we wouldn’t have the conversation about partnership. But we had to have a dialogue, and that’s where we’ll start.”

At this time, many Republicans have outwardly expressed their abhorrence regarding any future workings with Russia, as they believe the country cannot be trusted following the 2016 election.


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