3 Ways Consumers Are Dealing With Inflation

NEW DATA: 6 In 10 Consumers Only Buying Essentials As Inflation Crimps Spending

A new PYMNTS survey of roughly 2,800 US consumers in April shows how inflation is re-shaping shopping habits. The April edition of “The ConnectedEconomy™ MonthlyReport: 3 Ways Consumers Are Dealing With Inflation” shows six in 10 consumers already cutting back to essentials only, as merchants adjust to meet this shift in demand.
Inside the April Report
  • 17% fewer "stick to the essentials" consumers made eCommerce purchases in March than in January
  • 27% more "don't need much" consumers ordered via aggregator in March than in February
  • 32% of consumers ordered groceries online in March 2022 nearly as much that did so in November and December 2021