The ConnectedEconomy 100 Index: A New Equity Index Of 100 Publicly Traded Companies For Tracking The Digital Transformation

PYMNTS Launches The CE100™ Index – A New Equity Index That Tracks The Digital Transformation It started as a research project in April 2020, a soft launch in June 2021 and today we take the wraps off. The CE100™ Index is a new equity index of 100 publicly traded companies across 11 categories for tracking the digital transformation and the growth of the connected economy. Think of it as a framework for examining the companies shaping the future of the connected economy and their impact over time. Here’s why we did it, what we did to pick the 100 companies and what we’ve learned so far.
Inside the February Report
  • 27%: CAGR of CE100 companies during the last two years
  • 97%: Growth in CE100 Index between 2017 and 2019
  • 52%: CAGR of CE100 businesses in the Communicate pillar