Mapping Digital Behavior Across U.S. Regions

Report: Digital Engagement Across US Is a Regional Affair — and the West Coast Leads

Tech-forward West Coast consumers tackle almost half of their routine activities online, while their Midwestern counterparts handle only about one-third of their tasks that way. PYMNTS’ latest “The ConnectedEconomy™ Monthly Report: Mapping Digital Behavior Across U.S. Regions”surveyed more than 2,600 consumers to examine the regional nuances of digital habits amidst a rising call for super apps that offer a more consolidated online experience.

Inside the March Report
  • 16%: Share of Midwesterners who want to use a super app to aggregate and manage their personal data
  • 42%: Portion of consumers in the Northeast who live paycheck to paycheck but have no trouble paying their bills
  • 33%: Share of South Atlantic consumers who routinely order their groceries online