The Emerging Post-COVID-19 Consumer Survey

New Data: The Six Digital-First Capabilities Consumers Now Want From Merchants

Seven months into the pandemic, eight out of 10 consumers who have begun using digital channels to shop and pay want to keep shopping and paying that way. A new PYMNTS survey of a national sample of 2,157 U.S. consumers identifies the six digital capabilities that all merchants who want consumers to keep shopping and paying with them must offer.

Inside the October study:
  • 57 percent: Share of consumers who are grocery shopping online more now than they did before the pandemic began because they worry that stores are crowded
  • 25 percent: Portion of high-income consumers who would choose to shop with merchants that provide digital capabilities because it makes shopping more convenient
  • 50 percent: Share of consumers who believe merchants should provide in-store payment methods that allow them to pay without touching card readers