The Emerging Post-COVID-19 Consumer Survey

The Emerging Post-COVID-19 Consumer: Mapping The Evolution Of Consumers’ Shifting Payment Preferences surveys  2,057 U.S. consumers about how their reliance on digital commerce channels has increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began and how they plan to shop and pay after it is over. Our goal is to understand how these habits could help shape and solidify the emerging digital-first economy.

Inside the October study:

  • 57.0 percent: Share of consumers grocery shopping online more now than they did before the pandemic began because they worry that stores are crowded
  • 24.7 percent: Portion of high-income consumers who would choose to shop with merchants that provide digital capabilities because it makes shopping more convenient
  • 50.1 percent: Share of consumers who believe merchants should provide them in-store payment methods that allow them to pay without touching card readers