Main Street SMBs: The 18-Month Outlook Brief

Study: 67% Of Main Street SMBs Say They’ll Do More Business Online Post-Pandemic

Main Street businesses have retooled their business models to serve a more digital-first consumer — and more than 67% say they will do more business online post-pandemic. The latest PYMNTSMain Street SMB” study conducted in November, the 16th since March, shows a more optimistic Main Street that’s driving its own digital transformation.

Inside the December Brief
  • 26%: Share of Main Street SMBs that plan to layoff workers if there is another round of lockdown measures
  • 47%: Portion of decision-makers at Main Street manufacturing firms that plan to put more of their own money into their businesses if there is another lockdown
  • 55%: Share of Main Street SMBs that are “very” or “extremely” likely to stay open now that there is a vaccine available