Mapping Consumers’ Return To The Physical World

NEW DATA: Even After Vaccine, 75 Pct Of US Consumers Still Want A Digital-First Shopping Experience

Half of U.S. adult consumers say they want a vaccine, but 75 percent of them also say they plan to stick with their digital-first shopping experiences even after the pandemic. In the latest installment of the Pandenomics® study series, PYMNTS surveyed a national sample of 2,268 consumers who say that merchants shouldn’t plan on consumers who make the physical store the centerpiece of their retail and grocery shopping experiences the way they once did.

Inside the January Brief:
  • 51 percent: Share of consumers who are “very” or “extremely” likely to get vaccinated when they have a chance
  • 27 percent: Portion of consumers who are not interested in getting vaccinated who cite fears of unhealthy ingredients as a reason
  • 21 percent: Share of consumers expressing concern about the pandemic’s impact who say they worry about infecting others