Disney+ Streaming Service To Launch In November

Disney+ Streaming Service To Launch In November

Disney’s anticipated launch of Disney+ will roll out on Nov. 12 on most major streaming platforms, CNBC reported on Monday (Aug. 19).

People can subscribe to Disney+ via numerous devices and platforms, including Apple TV and iOS, Android and Sony PlayStation 4. Amazon’s Fire TV isn’t on the list yet, but Disney said it plans to add more distributors before the initial launch.

The move by Disney is an effort to tackle rivals with original content such as Netflix, Apple and Amazon. Disney+ is planning to offer streaming content from brands like Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar. “Re-imagined” content from popular titles, such as “Home Alone,” will also be featured.

The U.S. cost for the service is $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year. Disney+ will also be available in Canada and the Netherlands on the same day, with Australia and New Zealand getting the service a week later, the article said.

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced earlier this month that U.S. users could subscribe to Disney+, ESPN+ and an ad-supported Hulu subscription for $15 per month. The bundle will launch alongside Disney+ on Nov. 12.

The streaming market is an increasingly competitive space, as Disney+ strives to compete with other services such as Netflix, AT&T’s WarnerMedia and Apple TV. Offering a combination of original content and viewer favorites is just one of the ways services are attempting to create competitive differentiation. The latest Subscription Commerce Conversion Index goes a step further, exploring how consumers use streaming services and what keeps them from canceling subscriptions.

Streaming is by far the most popular type of subscription, with 70 percent of consumers subscribed to at least one streaming service. Online gaming services were the second-most common at 30.6 percent, followed by digital media services at 27.7 percent. Only 16.7 percent did not subscribe to any service.