XPO, Google Cloud Team to Create Faster Supply Chains

B2B freight transportation services company XPO Logistics and Google Cloud have partnered on a multi-year deal to “further innovate how goods move through supply chains,” according to a Monday (June 6) joint press release.

XPO will use Google Cloud’s expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics to build “faster, more efficient supply chains with greater visibility,” the announcement said. The company moved several key applications to Google Cloud that will allow the transportation services provider to access the scalability and availability of cloud computing.

Google Cloud’s data analytics, AI and ML tools help XPO share insights with its operators, including product managers, demand planners, route planners and data analysts.

“XPO is always looking for ways to innovate the ways goods move across the globe. Implementing the most cutting-edge technology is the best way for us to ensure that we achieve this goal,” said Yoav Amiel, senior vice president of technology, XPO, in the joint press release.

“By working with Google Cloud’s AI/ML and data analytics capabilities, we can operate the fastest, most efficient supply chains possible,” he said.

As part of the partnership, XPO is also meeting sustainability goals by transporting goods in the most efficient way possible, the press release said. Google Cloud matches 100% of electricity that powers cloud workloads with renewable energy, allowing XPO Connect and other products to improve the carbon footprint of XPO’s truck brokerage customers by optimizing lane assignments and cutting empty miles.

“We’re bringing our innovative AI/ML and data analytics solutions to XPO, to help it transform supply chain management, ensure its deliveries are on-time, and give its customers accurate, up-to-date view on the location of their freight,” said Hans Thalbauer, managing director, global supply chain, logistics and transportation, Google Cloud, in the joint press release.

“As external factors continue to impact supply chains and create new challenges, we’re dedicated to collaborating with XPO to help the company continually improve and run operations as efficiently and sustainably as possible,” he said.

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