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Today in Data: Rev The Launch Engines

In the tech world, launches are happening every day.

From product releases to new companies and merger announcements, improvements are constantly being offered to enhance some aspect of consumer and vendor relationships.

One common improvement thread among tech launches includes changes to aspects of payments or transactions. Today’s news focuses on PayU‘s API Integration for cross-border payments, ACI Worldwide‘s South Africa Alipay launch and GSMA‘s successful roll out of Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) solutions.

Here are the numbers:

$401 billion | Cross-border payment market in 2016

$994 billion | Projected worth of cross-border payment market by 2020

450 million | Active Chinese Alipay users

486 million | China’s market share of the LPWA market

3.1 billion | Projected LPWA connections by 2025

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