Today In Data: True Digital Security May Not Happen Because Of Cyber Crime

Ransomware Scores Big

Digital security may just be a pipe dream that society will always be chasing. With each new digitally infused product or service that opens up to the public, new doors to new weakness and cyber crime open up as well.

From data being stolen to new products for securing the digital arena and Germany’s Angela Merkel calling for digital security regulation, there’s a lot going on that opens up the floor to true digital security and whether or not it’s ever possible.

Here are the numbers:

31 percent | Percentage plunge in SWIFT stock following $81 million Bangladesh cyber heist

$31 billion | Amount of expected cyber security fraud losses outside of the consumer circle by the year 2020

22 | Number of people arrested in China for stealing personal data of Apple customers

$7.3 million | Amount of money earned by selling Apple customers’ data in China

361 | Stolen personal data cases tried in China last year