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Keeping The World A More Secure Place

Keeping the world safe from the bad guys is no small job, no matter where they show up. It could be in the gig economy, with bad actors gaining access to vulnerable consumers — though the team at Checkr is hoping to fight that off with background testing writ large. Or it might be hackers and crackers, using ill-gotten information gains to take over consumer accounts. Or corporate ones — especially considering just how many IoT for industry devices are out there that still need securing. The bad news is the black hats are always working hard. The good news? So are the white hats.

1 million: The number of background checks Checkr runs per month.

97 percent: The number of organizations that report a cyberattack on their IoT devices would be catastrophic.

$100 million: The amount gig economy background-checking startup Checkr raised in Series C funding.

27 percent: The share of organizations that have secured their IoT devices.

0 seconds: The amount of time a fraud bot spends browsing before making a purchase.