The High-Value Opportunities On The Table In 2019

While at times it can feel like it’s all be done before and that all that’s left now are iterations, as 2019 readies for takeoff there is a lot of business on the table waiting to be tended to. From the hundreds of millions of consumers in the developing world still in need of real ID to the estimated trillions of dollars Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will be worth over the next year alone to the consumers all over the world waiting for the latest and greatest in new payments tech, there is plenty to do. The question is which players will pick up the baton and run after the next generation of goals, and who will be left in the dust.

Today in Data IoT 2019

$7.1 trillion: Total estimated value of the IoT solutions market by 2020.

$17.19 billion: Total revenue generated by the image recognition market last year.

500 million: Number of Africans who lack official ID as of 2018.

65 percent: Share of consumers who expressed interest in tap-to-pay because it is faster.

32 percent: Share of companies investing in IoT development.