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Today In Data: Faster Payments, Powering Everything From Gig Work To Katy Perry

What do Australia, the gig economy and Katy Perry’s upcoming album have in common? They are all tightly tied to payments — specifically, tapping into the power of faster payments. Money makes the world go ’round, and getting it to move around faster and friction-free means the world goes ’round a lot smoother in a lot more places. There are always speed bumps, of course — there are tens of millions of threat indicators out there — but the rewards are real and can be counted in a myriad of ways, including the number of new and better back-up dancers it made available by a better payments pace.


200 million: The average number of monthly visitors to izo’s music content platform

100 million: Amount of threat indicators in cyberspace

65: FIs that signed on with Australia’s New Payments Platform at launch

85 percent: Share of gig workers that would work more often if they could be paid faster

18 percent: Number of gig workers aged 45 – 54