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Today In Data: Expecting The Unexpected

Finlok: Financial Services for Indian Consumers

We are often advised to expect the unexpected – usually by people who haven’t really thought through how very hard that actually is. The world is full of unexpected things held together by the fact that they are hard to see coming. For example, with the push toward demonetization, one might expect that cash usage would go down between 2016 and 2012, not increase by $1 trillion. One might naturally assume that contextual commerce shoppers are looking to save time, but the fact that they are almost 40 on average is probably not in line with the more youthful shopper that might have been expected. And one might not expect an auto-glass and claims management service to determine that the cutting edge is where it needs to be when it comes to payments.


$2.5 trillion: India’s estimated cash usage by 2021.

$1.5 trillion: India’s total cash spend in 2016.

1 million: The number of First Notice of Loss (FNOL) auto claims this year processed by the Safelite Solutions platform.

59 percent: Share of consumers who report using contextual commerce experiences because they save time.

39: The average age of the contextual commerce shopper.