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Connected Vehicles And The Future Of Retail

The future of retail is playing out in multiple places, including the open road, while voice will help capture the connected commerce frontier. In B2B payments, a series of payment innovations is promising to put an end to some common frictions. And, in digital banking, financial institutions (FIs) are working to keep fraudsters from accessing customer information and funds on their mobile and digital channels. All this, Today in Data.


1,100: Number of business email compromise fraud scams that targeted CEOs in 2018.

70 percent: Share of customers born after 1980 who are willing to use digital banks.

50: Number of minutes Americans spend behind the wheel each day on average, per AAA.

12: Approximate number of activities the average consumer does over the course of a day.

$4.2 trillion: Estimated value of global financial losses reported in 2018.