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As Consumers Embrace eCommerce, Tax Complexity Grows

Consumers Embrace eCommerce Amid Tax Complexity

South Dakota vs. Wayfair was only the beginning. The Supreme Court ruling has started the ball rolling for states and municipalities to tax eCommerce – specifically, out-of-state firms and online marketplaces. But there have already been disputes making their way through the courts, as detailed in the latest Next-Gen Sales Tax Tracker. The tax jurisdictions number in the thousands, and the landscape is a fragmented one.


$57M: Expected value of state revenue to be generated by Arizona’s online transaction tax in 2020.

$41.7M: Projected state revenues tied to Massachusetts’ economic nexus tax in FY 2020.

$1.8M: Amount Walmart allegedly owes Jefferson Parish, Louisiana in unpaid 2009 to 2015 sales taxes.

24: Number of states that have joined the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement.

12,000: Number of different sales and use taxes in the U.S.