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Driving Retail Innovation With Digital Technology, DTC Models

Driving Retail Innovation With Digital Tech, DTC

Wrench is serving as a mobile source of mechanics – and saving consumers a trip to the auto repair shop. In retail, the Flat Tummy Instagram brand was able to make an effective algorithm that could accurately predict the effect an influencer would have on pushing its line of teas. And Nike recently announced it will no longer sell its wares on Amazon, following an increasing eCommerce trend where firms sell directly to consumers instead. All this, Today in Data.


500,000: Number of Instagram followers Flat Tummy had on its own in 2015.

2017: The year Nike launched a limited program to sell with Amazon.

30 percent: Approximate share of yearly sales that Nike’s DTC business pulls in.

$20M: Approximate amount of new funding that Wrench recently raised.

1.7M: Number of followers Flat Tummy has on Instagram today.