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How Digital Platforms Are Changing Food Ordering, Shipping

How Digital Platforms Are Changing Food Ordering

Digital technology is changing the way consumers order food and is changing how shippers transport items. Mobile order-ahead technology is in use at sporting and event venues, so that spectators don’t have to wait in long concession lines. And crowdshipping may be the next sharing economy frontier, as startups are using people rather than large corporations to aid in last-mile delivery. All this, Today in Data.


4,000: Number of virtual restaurants available on the Uber Eats app.

58%: Share of crowdshipping platform PiggyBee's community that is made up of travelers.

42%: Portion of concession purchases at sporting events that are deterred by lines.

4%: Share of Dunkin’ Q2 sales generated from its mobile app.

$3.4T: Anticipated value of the global mobile payment technology market by 2024.