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Innovating With Mobile Ordering, Personalization Platforms And Alcohol-Free Bars

Innovating With Mobile Ordering, Personalization

Quick-service restaurants (QSRs) are taking note of the potential of mobile ordering, as consumers can have their favorite foods delivered with a tap of an app. And retail is getting more personal as the year winds down, as evidenced by the world of QSRs, while potential trendspotters are reimagining the bar experience without alcohol. All this, Today in Data.


23,000: Number of McDonald’s restaurants offering delivery.

300: Minimum number of brands enabled by personalization platform operator Dynamic Yield.

65%: Share of KFC orders made via drive-thru lanes.

16: Number of U.S. markets in which Starbucks delivers.

0.8%: Share by which alcohol consumption declined in 2018.