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Monetizing An Increasingly Connected World

Monetizing An Increasingly Connected World

The universe of smart devices and connected things is undeniably growing by the day – name a common household item and there is probably a smart version out there. The potential of constant connection is obvious, from retail to marketing to the opportunity to build entirely new business models. But where there is potential, there are also challenges. In the case of the completely connected world, they are twofold: first, how to capture and process all that data – and then how to keep it all safe.


$35B: Projected value of IoT technology by 2020.

$100,000: Amount urban landlords can lose monthly to vacant real estate space.

100 GB: Amount of data smart cars could produce per second.

$98: Annual cost of Walmart’s Delivery Unlimited offering.

10: Number of years the marketplace model has been popular among emerging tech firms.