Today In Data

Today In Data: The Transforming World Of 2019

The world of 2019 is quickly gearing up to become quite a different place than the year we just left behind. Rules are changing – a fact to which residents of 10 states will get a rude introduction at the end of the month if they can no longer use their licenses as IDs. Customer preferences are changing, as they are increasingly on mobile and ever more demanding of omnichannel capability in their shopping experiences. It’s a trend that is notably likely to progress this year, as devices are becoming smarter and consumers are increasingly ever-connected.


$24 million: The amount spent by Pennsylvania over 16 months to prepare to issue Real ID law-compliant state IDs.

73 percent: Share of drivers who connected to the internet during their commutes.

55 percent: Share of voice-activated speaker-owning bridge millennials who have used their devices to make a purchase in the last week.

52 percent: Share of all web traffic that came via mobile device in 2018.

45 seconds: The amount of time it takes a consumer to get their goods after scanning a bar code at one of Walmart’s automated pick-up towers.