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Painting The Large Canvases Of Payments And Commerce

Painting The Large Payments Canvases

Real estate is the source of massive, ongoing digital innovation – and the same holds true, at least arguably, in the wider world of credit unions, though many of them still struggle to offer loyalty and rewards programs to retail consumers. Meanwhile, trust and identity issues continue to evolve at a rapid pace, new payment regulations promise to impact global commerce and faster payments are revving the retail engine.


$1.9 billion+: Venture-related deals in real estate in May 2019

75 percent: Portion of global adult population that have mobile phones

Sept. 14: Scheduled debut of SCA mandate from the European Banking Authority

29.4 percent: Share of credit unions that have invested in loyalty and rewards innovations in the past three years

95 percent: Share of U.S. consumers with access to same-day ACH