How Startups Compete With Legacy Firms In Digital Banking

How Digital Banking Competes With Legacy Firms

Legacy banks and FinTech firms are looking to create digital-only banking services to capture consumer interest in using smartphones for their banking needs. In information technology news, the U.S. — and the federal government in particular — needs more cybersecurity experts. Urjanet, which collects and aggregates consumer utility data, is adding new providers every month. In retail, merchants and providers are gearing up for contactless payments. All this, Today In Data.


150 million: Number of U.S. consumers who are expected to use in-store mobile payments by 2021.

100: Approximate number of new providers that Urjanet is adding on a monthly basis.

91 percent: Share of Canadian customers who believe technology has made banking more convenient.

20 percent: Portion of U.S. banking branches that are expected to close between 2014 and 2020.

4.2 percent: Share of federal cybersecurity workers who are age 30 and under.