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New Ways To Buy Candles And Explore Cuisines With Retail

New Ways To Buy Candles, Cuisines With Retail

Scented candles are available in many places, from stores dedicated to them in shopping centers to many checkout stands. Companies such as Otherland, however, are aiming to disrupt the candle through better design. And in online shopping, eCommerce retailers such as eat2explore are helping to introduce families to new cuisines with boxes of recipes, spices, sauces and grains, among other items. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

55 hours: Burn time of each small Otherland candle.

25 percent: Approximate share of millennial women who report buying 10 or more scented candles a year.

17: Number of countries/regions for which eat2explore offers foods.

5: Minimum ideal age for which eat2explore’s boxes are designed.

$2.7M: Amount Otherland raised in 2019 in its first round of institutional funding.