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The Rise Of BNPL And Digital Couponing Amid eCommerce Shifts

BNPL, Digital Couponing Amid eCommerce Shifts

Consumers are spending online instead of making potentially risky visits to physical stores, and they are also paying for purchases in different ways. The use of payment methods such as buy now, pay later (BNPL), for instance, are on the uptick amid the pandemic, as shoppers seek affordable ways to purchase essential goods. And in eCommerce, digital coupons are growing right along with the crisis-driven shift to online shopping. All this, Today in Data.


93%: YOY growth in digital coupon programs among the top 30 percent of national grocery chains since March 1.

60%: Minimum share of U.S. adults who will use digital coupons this year.

56%: Portion of Australian BNPL consumers between 14 and 34 years old.

$47B: Projected value of the Australian eCommerce market by 2023.

4.4M: Number of Afterpay’s U.S. customers using its BNPL solution for purchases.