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The Rise Of Online Grocery Shopping, Robots During The Coronavirus

Rise Of Online Grocery, Robots Amid Coronavirus

Grocers contended with panic buying, supply chain challenges and safety issues while the public stocked up on essential items as the coronavirus crisis hit in March. And, with the panic subsiding, it’s now clear that grocery shopping is experiencing a reduction in overall shopping visits and a sustained digital shift. COVID-19 could also mark the true rise of robots in retail, with new use cases recently coming to the surface. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData:

85%: Share of Americans who favor robots and computers doing jobs that are dangerous or unhealthy for humans.

80%: Portion of deliveries that will be made by autonomous vehicles by 2025.

76.5%: Share of consumers who had reduced their overall grocery shopping activity at the end of March.

26.5%: Portion of consumers who said they were shopping less because their local stores had empty shelves.

9.1%: Share of consumers who shopped for groceries online by the end of March.