Digital Onboarding

Machine Learning Helps FIs Identify Account Holders’ Fraudster Twins Machine learning can help digital banks do much of the heavy lifting during customer onboarding — especially if applicants have common names. In the Digital Onboarding Tracker, OakNorth Bank’s Sean Hunter explains how ML-based systems can help banks avoid confusing legit account holders with their fraudster twins.
Inside the May/June Tracker
  • An interview with Sean Hunter, chief information officer at OakNorth, on why FIs must balance security and seamlessness to offer satisfying customer onboarding experiences
  • The latest digital onboarding developments, including why 86 percent of U.S. bank customers favor tapping biometrics for their onboarding needs and why 43 percent of consumers recommend products or services based on their onboarding experiences
  • A Deep Dive analyzing what younger generations expect from their banks’ onboarding processes as well as how FIs are working to meet their demands

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