Shipwell Unveils Mobile App With Transportation Management System and Visibility Access

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Cloud-based shipping and logistics platform Shipwell on Tuesday (April 19) rolled out its Shipper Mobile application, equipped with free access to a transportation management system (TMS) and visibility solution, according to the company press release.

Shipper Mobile app users “can expect an increase in productivity, streamlined business functions and supply chain management, faster turnaround times, better communication between shipment partners and improved customer service quality,” the press release said.

“COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how workforces operate these days,” said Jerry Holbus, Shipwell vice president of product. “Shipwell customers have told us that about three-quarters of their workforces frequently work remotely.

“The Shipper Mobile app empowers those employees with a portable solution to address the challenges they face every day. Proactively resolving and mitigating exceptions and their impacts have helped us achieve 98% on-time-delivery and on-time-pickup metrics for our customers.”

Per the release, the Shipper Mobile app offers a cloud-based shipping solution that scales with a customer’s business and can be optimized to meet the business’ evolving needs, from order management to holistic analysis.

Shipwell’s technology also “provides insights that streamline processes from first to final mile, leveraging machine learning for accurate ETA predictions that factor in upcoming weather and traffic the shipment will encounter, assisting its customers to score high in their own customer-satisfaction ratings, and meet their service-level agreements,” the release said.

Users can access a Compass Dashboard, or the visibility and tracking tool, to follow all shipments within multiple Alert Tiles that have been sorted by status and proactively resolve problems by choosing the relevant corrective actions from a single screen.

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