Reinventing the Concept of Mentoring Innovation Project Style with Russell Simmons – March 19 & 20, 2014

Russell Simmons will be back at Innovation Project 2014 but with a new twist with a spotlight on international companies trying to claim their stake in the U.S. payments and commerce markets.

Our international innovators have a just few minutes to give Simmons an overview of what they are doing – in a way that is entertaining, interesting and also informative. That’s when Simmons will take over, giving feedback in real-time on what they’ve just seen and heard.

Simmons is known for his direct and authentic advice, and for making those who take his advice, successful. So, we can’t imagine a more interesting entrepreneur to provide feedback blending his street smarts and book smarts specifically around igniting innovation in payments, can you?

To kick it up a notch or two, we’re also adding a little competitive flair into the session. After all of the presentations and discussions, Simmons will pick his favorite who’ll win a prize. What prize? Well, you’ll have to just be there to find out now, won’t you?

To get your company involved in the discussion, please contact Lauren Laino at or Pam Bittner at for more details.

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