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Walmart’s Luminate Data Platform Goes International

Walmart’s Luminate Data Platform Goes International

Three years after its launch in the United States, Walmart Luminate, the retailer’s insights solution, is being rolled out worldwide.

Walmart’s data analytics product suite will be expanded to Walmex in Mexico before being offered by Walmart Canada later this year, according to a Thursday (May 16) press release.

“Since we launched Walmart Luminate, we’ve successfully aided in optimizing retail strategies — from product assortment to product development — leveling the playing field for suppliers of all sizes,” the release said. “Today, 90% of Walmart’s largest suppliers have signed up for a Walmart Luminate Charter subscription, and some of our smaller suppliers account for approximately 50% of our total subscriptions.”

Walmart’s purchase of Volt Systems in 2022 has delivered value to store operators and primary service providers by offering “on-demand visibility to merchandising resources.”

The expansion comes about a month after Walmart debuted a new service that lets suppliers combine insights from Luminate with the company’s Walmart Connect retail media solutions.

“For suppliers, this means being able to identify trends within critical categories to develop more informed, data-driven media strategies based on Walmart’s insights,” the company said April 17. “Imagine being able to identify that a certain segment of a supplier’s customer base is trading down, while another is purchasing less frequently — then being able to understand the characteristics of each of those segments and target them with custom messaging that drives better outcomes.”

These insights provided by Walmart are derived from the shopping habits of the 90% of American households that shop with the retailer every year and the 144 million who shop with it online and in-store each week.

Walmart, like many merchants, has been increasing its efforts in the in-store retail media space, PYMNTS reported last month.

For instance, the company is adding more in-store demonstrations and sampling, as well as offering self-serve in-store campaign management for advertisers.

Additionally, both Walmart and rival Amazon are turning to video streaming ads to attract consumer’s attention and dollars. For Walmart, that means a partnership between Walmart Connect and Disney Advertising to allow for targeted advertising using the retailer’s data.

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