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Weird Commerce Black Friday Gift Guide

Today is the frenetic chaos that is Black Friday. Amid the rush, there are some quirky and surprising things that are overlooked or forgotten. Turns out Walmart sells 10 times as many pajamas as TVs. Amazon sells up to 320 products … per second. And does anyone remember “Green Monday”?

But we at PYMNTS have even stranger things shoppers should consider, all of which the crowds are likely overlooking.

From potato parcels to jellyfish pets for the family, to “pairs” of three socks known as Throx, to real animal skulls, we’re piggybacking on the Weird Commerce stories produced weekly. The following gift guide is a cultivated and culled list of weird commerce gifts to satisfy the most picky — and quirky — of gift recipients.

Oh, and here’s a little extra: synthetic wishbones to keep the peace over who gets to make the post-Thanksgiving wish.



For The Mighty and Adventurous Beef-Lover … Beef-Flavored Marshmallows

Perhaps not the ideal addition to your hot chocolate, or perhaps so. These beef-flavored marshmallows are a perfect pairing of sweet and savory … with a touch of weird. Chef Alexa at 240Sweet originally started making these beef-flavored marshmallows for her dogs. Now, they’re available and edible for both human and fellow pet companions.

splendid beastscreen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-00-50-pmscreen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-00-57-pm

For Your Fanciest Furry Friend…SplendidBeast 

They say dog are a man’s (or woman’s) best friend. And now those friends (and other pets, too) can be regaled forever in a way that they likely never were: wearing clothing and looking professional. Hop online and send SplendidBeast a clear photo of your pet. The company will custom oil paint your furry friend in the cleverest or most regal occupation of your choice. Trust us, it’s certainly something to write/bark/meow home about.

bacon boxes

For Those Who Love The Non-Kevin Bacon, Bacon…Bacon Boxes

Some say the bacon craze is over, while others are repealing that comment. Specializing in chocolate-covered bacon roses, these D2C Bacon Boxes are “porkily” packed with everything meaty. From jerky to bacon cookies to other bacon sweets, if the bacon craving ain’t satisfied this way, it may never be.


For Those Who “Wish” They Had A “White Christmas”… ShipSnowYo

That “White Christmas” is really only enjoyable until it turns into slush, but don’t tell those friends close to the equator! Help your warm-weather friend get a taste — or boxful — of winter storm with ShipSnowYo. Options include a box of snow, or all your pal needs in order to construct a whole snowman. The company also offers a box of foliage that may or may not come with a rake.


For The Twitchy, Anxious, Energetic Colleague Or Child…Bouncy Bands

Those who receive this one will likely sleep soundly after playing with or using it. Bouncy Bands have won about a dozen awards and will calm that fidgety kid or your weird uncle who just can’t sit still.

For The Cats That Wanted To Vote… Colorado Kitty Pot

It’s a hot-button issue: whether to legalize cannabis. However you voted or feel about the plant, no one asked your cat. But now your cat, without even touching a ballot, has access to Colorado Kitty Pot. Ironically, the company has figured out to get the product to be enjoyed in all 50 states.


For The Kinky Wine Snob… Wine Condoms

We all have a friend like this: They like to savor their fancy wine to the last drop and then add a crass comment. Wine Condoms are for those friends. Quite possibly the most ironic part of the business is the fact that it was started by a mother-son duo. If nothing else, it’s replacing the cork, one bottle at a time.

art1art2screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-16-45-pm screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-7-16-33-pm
For That Special Someone You Keep A Secret With… Love Is Art kit

Created by an artist who made his own art gallery and living off of the concept, the Love Is Art kit includes everything to create an abstract piece of art by way of the most intimate act. The inventor says the final displayed artwork can be kept a secret or explained. All you need is the birds, the bees and this kit.


For Those Who Love Baths And Celebrities… CelebriDucks

Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie have nothing on these ducks. The bath’s most iconic toy has grown up. CelebriDucks were founded in 1997 as a side project and now are being collected across the globe. As the slogan goes, “Rub-A-Dub-Dub with Stars in Your Tub!” So turn on the faucet, pour in the bubbles and invite your favorite celebrity into the tub.

For Those Who Wish They Had A Mini-Me… TwoThreeBricks Lego People

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you were a Lego character? Problem solved. Send TwoThreeBricks a picture, and you’ll have your own, personalized Lego mini-you arriving soon. The company will even make a cinematic caricature of your Lego mini-me as if you were a Lego persona all along.

For Your Emoji-Happy Cousin… Emoji Masks

Let’s face it, emojis are their own language. Very few can send a text message without an emoticon — whether it be a face, food or flag. With these Emoji Masks, take your pick of what emotion (or emoji) you’re feeling. As they say, “You are what you text …”


For The Doctor Who Never Keeps Work At Work… Nervous System Vessel Pendant

We’ve all got ‘em, but we don’t need to hear about them: veins. This 3-D vein necklace is made of nylon and sure to wow your doctor pal and keep the gruesome surgery details at work. The company that makes them, Nervous System, says life is about the overlap of art, science and technology. They also make dendrite (a nerve cell extension) earrings.

For The Intern Who Always Looks Tired… Ostrich Pillow

Treat that sluggish intern to a nap. While there’s something to be said about “sticking your head in the sand,” the Ostrich Pillow is ready to take the most tired people into their dreams, no matter the location. Note: This does not come with an alarm or morning coffee.




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