GE Dryers Reorder Dryer Sheets With Amazon Dash Integration

As companies roll out more tech to make the home smarter, IoT devices will increasingly become a convenient channel that enable seamless, non-store commerce and product replenishment.

General Electric Appliances just announced its most recent integration with Amazon Dash replenishment technology that allows GE’s Wi-Fi-enabled dryers to automatically reorder dryer sheets.

Users enable the Dash Replenishment feature via their GE Laundry app. Using their Amazon account, they select the brand of laundry dryer sheets they want to have automatically reordered. The connected dryer tracks the number of dryer sheets that have been used by counting drying cycles, automatically reordering the pre-selected consumer-preferred brand of dryer sheets when supplies are low.

“We’re delighted to offer Wi-Fi-connected dryers with Dash Replenishment reordering capability,” said Julie Muennich, director of marketing for laundry products at GE Appliances. “We know that more families are increasingly using Dash Replenishment to make their lives easier, and this new capability with our dryers will take the hassle out of keeping track of the household stock of dryer sheets.”

This isn’t the first home appliance GE has synced up with Amazon’s Dash replenishment service. GE introduced the world to the first Dash-ready dishwasher in October of last year, and previously had rolled out a connected washing machine that automatically orders laundry detergent.

In the beginning of 2017, GE announced an integration between its connected ovens and Nest Protect, makers of smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that use Wi-Fi to alert users’ phones. The result is an oven that can detect oven fires and alert homeowners to the issue.

With a connected suite of GE Appliances, smart appliance owners are able to monitor and maintain their home from virtually anywhere using their voice or a mobile device. Connected IoT appliances are routinely updated with new capabilities and are able to assess their own performance.