Amazon Releases An (Almost) Free Dash Wand For Prime Members

The march of Alexa-enabled devices out of Amazon carries on with the release of the Dash Wand, a new device that allows users to scan grocery barcodes, convert measurements and order household goods from Amazon via voice command. Wi-Fi enabled and magnetic, the Dash Wand was designed to live comfortably on a consumer’s fridge and bring some of the Echo speaker’s functionality to the kitchen.

Similar in design to the original Dash devices, the Dash Wand does not refer a user to Amazon’s site as its predecessor did — but instead allows users to directly purchase items. It is also not limited to Amazon Fresh customers, but is open for business for any Prime user.

And this time, users will not have to pay $45 for it — because it’s free.  Or almost free, anyway.  The device is priced at $20, but Prime members who purchase it will receive $20 in their Amazon accounts. Customers get a magic commerce wand — and $20 to put toward shopping at once.

Plus, as Amazon is never one to turn away a conversion opportunity, Dash Wand customers will also get a 90-day free trial of AmazonFresh home delivery grocery service — if the service happens to be available in-area.