Amazon Expands One-Day Shipping To Millions Of Products

Amazon announced Tuesday (June 4) that it is expanding its one-day delivery with Amazon Prime, opening it up to members with no minimum purchase amount and adding more than ten million products.

In a press release, Amazon said millions of Prime Members are already using one-day delivery, with customers using the service for last minute birthday presents, sunblock and beach towels among a slew of other things. Amazon noted that since it turned two-day delivery into an everyday experience back in 2005, it started from one million items and is now ten times larger. Amazon said it will continue to expand its delivery and that Prime Members will find more and more items that can be delivered in one day.

While Amazon has for years offered one-day and same-day delivery, in April it announced plans to expand one-day items significantly — and will continue to do so. One-day delivery is available for Prime Members across the U.S. In the fourth quarter of 2018, Amazon announced it expanded same-day and one-day delivery to more than 10,000 cities and towns. As it stands now, Prime Free One Day is available on tens of millions of products across the country.

“Prime Free One Day is possible because we’ve been building our network for over 20 years, enabling us to create a world-class customer experience powered by incredible employees and great technology,” wrote Amazon. “We’ve strategically grown our network in the U.S. to include 110 fulfillment centers, 40 package sortation centers, 100 delivery stations, and 20 air gateways all to be closer to our customers. This allows Amazon to work smarter based on decades of process improvement and innovation, and to deliver orders faster and more efficiently.”
When Amazon announced first-quarter earnings in April, it said it would invest $800 million during Q2 to increase delivery speed for Prime members to one day from two. According to Amazon Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky, the goal is to shift the standard for Prime customers from the two-day shipping that has been the headline offering for Prime since day one to a single-day delivery norm.