AWS Launches Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced on Monday (Nov. 25) the launch of Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, a new feature allowing customers to train their custom model to identify database and inventory items.

In a blog post, Anushri Mainthia, senior product manager on the Amazon Rekognition team and product lead for Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, explained that Rekognition users will be able to train a model using a small set of labeled images to detect items in an inventory without any machine learning (ML) expertise.

To start, the customer collects as few as 10 sample images for each specific item they want to identify. Once the dataset is ready and fully labeled, customers can activate Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, which will automatically select the most effective machine learning techniques for each use case.

The service, which launches on Dec. 3, is already being used by the VidMob and the National Football League’s NFL Media.

“By using the new feature in Amazon Rekognition, Custom Labels, we are able to automatically generate metadata tags tailored to specific use cases for our business and provide searchable facets for our content creation teams. This significantly improves the speed in which we can search for content and, more importantly, it enables us to automatically tag elements that required manual efforts before. These tools allow our production teams to leverage this data directly and provides enhanced products to our customers across all of our media platforms,” said Brad Boim, NFL senior director of post production and asset management.

The new feature is expected to not only reduce the time it takes human analysts to review custom ads, but it also will extend their ability to measure performance using VidMob’s Agile Creative Studio, said VidMob CEO Alex Collmer.

“With the introduction of Amazon Rekognition Custom Labels, marketers will be equipped with advanced capabilities within our Agile Creative Studio, enabling them to build and train the specific products (custom labels) that they care about within their ads, at scale, within minutes,” he added.