iPhone 7 Vs. PlayStation 4 ‘Neo’: The Battle For Fanboy Attention

On Sept. 7, the world will finally know two things:

  1. How much overlap there is between Apple iPhone fans and Sony Playstation Devotees
  2. Which devotion is felt most strongly

It seems that on that hallowed Wednesday in a little over two weeks, two of the world’s largest electornics firms will face off to find out what consumers care to hear more about — the iPhone7 or the PlayStation4 Neo.

Tim Cook will have the benefit of “first up,” as Apple will get going at 10 AM PST to tell the world what the next generation of mobile by Apple looks like. Just about two hours later — in New York — just as Apple is winding-up (if they are running on time), Sony will introduce the Neo to the world.

Will it matter – how many duel fans could both firms have?

The answer to that almost doesn’t matter — the more relevant question is how many stories about new tech gadgets the news media feels like covering on one day.

In this regard, Apple has the edge — by turning its product unveiling into invite-only media events, they’ve gone a long way to assure whatever they announce to the world is headline news.

But Apple has to deliver on the more interesting — and social media sharable — product, and at this point the experts seem to agree that it is anyone’s game when it comes to attracting fanboy attention.


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