Apple’s Rumored New iPhone Speed Slows Down Shares

While the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) generally has eye-catching, flashy news that causes Apple’s stocks to soar, that wasn’t entirely the case this past week.

Following the WWDC news, Apple’s new iPhone speed is of particular interest to many. There is rumored to be much slower speeds for the new iPhone as a result of supply issues. This stems directly from Apple’s spread-out manufacturing model rather than relying on one specific manufacturer for all of its production needs.

With the possibility of a slower product — and iPhones sales down in advance of the new iPhone 8 and increasing manufacturer competition — Apple’s shares were down 4.68 percent, Intel (maker of the delayed Apple modem) has seen shares down 2.7 percent and Qualcomm (maker of Apple’s ready modem) has seen a dip in shares by 2.17 percent.