Apple to Unveil iPhone 14 on Sept. 7

Apple will hold an event Sept. 7 for the unveiling of its iPhone 14 line, sources told Bloomberg.

This will see the newest version of the tech giant’s flagship phone, and will see the beginning of a “busy” product season this fall, with new Macs, various iPads and three Apple Watch models.

Apple’s updates are coming at a tough time, with smartphone sales not doing as well as customers deal with the record-high inflation and other economic ills.

That said, Apple is doing better than some of its peers, with the iPhone selling well last quarter. Apple has also said it doesn’t think it will see a drop in demand.

The company will stream its event online instead of doing an in-person gathering, which it has been doing since the pandemic began.

Apple has also been looking at its operations and how to shift back to normal, including returning employees to the office. The company recently told corporate staff they’ll have to work from the office three days a week as of Sept. 5 this year.

Earlier this month, Apple also told iPhone makers to ramp up production, telling the suppliers to make 90 million new phones this year, which would be in-line with the numbers from last year. The company was trying to build 220 million phones in total this year.

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Apple doesn’t usually reveal how many iPhones it sells, and it usually debuts a new model every September or October ahead of the holiday season. And the company likely will raise the average selling price of the new iPhone by as much as 15%.

If the company does add more production for iPhones in the next few months, it would come alongside Foxconn, one of the biggest suppliers, saying there was less consumer demand for smartphones.

Apple’s revenue growth recently slowed to 2% year-over-year, down from past periods that had over 35% growth rates.